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Printed Fabric

Printed Fabric Manufacturers

JJ Fabrics is one of those Printed Fabric Manufacturers and Exporter who bring any and every fabric design or pattern to life. Whether it is meant for your living room couch or your way out curtains, our eye catchy Printed Fabrics are sure to win your praises. A proficient team of experienced textile designers, who have an unbeatable reservoir of knowledge about all the best practices of preparing the dyes, innovative tools for mixing the colours in immaculate ratios, prevalent & upcoming printing techniques and methodologies like the rotary machine printing in pigment and reactive, panel printing and the latest digital printing, etc. Amongst all the different Printed Fabric suppliers in Pakistan, JJ Fabrics stands proud as one inventive house of fabric manufacturing where attention to the minutest detail is meticulously performed and hence an upscale, exquisite design is crafted each time. We utilize the most refreshed innovation in the field of fabric printing to give our customers the excellent quality Printed Fabric for ideal delight. We are the main manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Printed Fabric.

We supply Printed Fabric in different qualities and constructions woven on Power Looms, Auto Looms, Sulzer Looms and AirJet Looms. These Printed Fabrics are made from high-grade raw materials procured from the trusted vendors. Our Printed Fabrics are used in various industries such as Apparel Industry, Home-Textiles, Industrial Textile Technical Textiles etc. We offer Printed Fabrics in various types of qualities suitable for various uses such as Clothing, Apparels, Made-ups, Sheet-Sets, Satin-Sets, Fitted Sheets, Pillow Covers, Cushion Covers, Pillow-Ticks, Down & Feather Filling, Quilt Covers, Duvet Covers, Pillow Shams etc. These Printed Fabrics are availed at various colors, designs and patterns as per the specific requirements of our customers and are also provided with customization facility. Our products are highly demanded all across the world. There are two ways you can work with us for prints.

1. Bring us your designs for printing or,

2. Work with our designers to create an original design to meet your needs.

Though it is preferable to submit a complete art file. Our Design Department can offer creative design from our in-house painters, computer CAD artists, as well as off-shore design studios and licensed artists if necessary.

Printing minimums vary depending on the printing method you choose. Rotary screen printing minimums are generally 6000 meters per design with 2 colorways. If your needs are less than this, you can discuss with us for workable solution.

The Printed Fabric offered by us are widely acknowledged for its durability and fine finishing. Our Printed Fabrics are manufactured using high-grade machines so as to enhance the quality and minimize the defects and flaws without compromises with the quality. The Printed Fabrics are quality tested by our experienced professionals under various parameters as per the clients needs and preferences. During printing process we mainly focus to control Design making , Fixation of Design on Printing machine , Color matching according to pantone number or given color reference, Color Fastness to Rubbing, Color Fastness to Washing, Color Fastness to Light, Tear strength, Tensile strength, Bowing , Gsm and final finishing of Printed Fabric.

JJ Fabrics exporting printed fabrics in different finishes like Pre shrunk Finish, Anti-Pilling Finish, Down Proof Finish, Water proof Finish, Fire or Flame Retardant Finish, Peach Finish and Wrinkle free Finish suitable for commercial fabric, heathcare and medical textiles, marine textile and hospitality industry. If you are looking for Printed Cotton Fabric, then let us know.

 Some of our running qualities in Printed Fabrics are ;


Printed Fabric 60×60 16×16

Printed Fabric 60×60 20×16

Printed Fabric 60×60 20×20

Printed Fabric 60×60 22×22

Printed Fabric 60×60 24×24

Printed Fabric 60×50 24×24

Printed Fabric 68×68 30×30


Printed Fabric 76×56 35×35

Printed Fabric 76×44 35×150D

Printed Fabric 76×52 35×150D

Printed Fabric 76×54 35×150D

Printed Fabric 68×42 30×150D

Printed Fabric 76×52 30×150D

Printed Fabric 76×56 30×30


Printed Fabric 76×68 30×30

Printed Fabric 100×80 40×40

Printed Fabric 120×80 40×40

Printed Fabric 133×72 40×40

Printed Fabric 110×76 45×45

Printed Fabric 127×79 40×40

Printed Fabric 140×100 40×40 


Printed Fabric 40×42 20×10

Printed Fabric 40×36 24×10

Printed Fabric 96×48 16×12

Printed Fabric 108×58 16×12

Printed Fabric 108×58 20×20

Printed Fabric 94×60 20×20

Printed Fabric 128×60 20×16


Printed Fabric Manufacturers
Printed Fabric Manufacturers
Printed Fabric Manufacturers
Printed Fabric Manufacturers
Printed Fabric Manufacturers
Printed Fabric Manufacturers
Printed Fabric Manufacturers
Printed Fabric Manufacturers