White Fabric Manufacturers

White Fabric

White Fabric Manufacturers

JJ Fabrics reckoned as one of the most stupendous White Fabric Manufacturers and Exporter in Pakistan. Various international clients are placing bulk orders for white fabrics in 100% Cotton Polyester Cotton and CVC due to the unmatched quality and inexplicable look. The use of optimum quality materials in the manufacturing of the White Fabric ensure notable features like softness, easy maintenance and colorfastness. Additionally, customers are also eased with the availability of the Semi Bleached Fabric PFP (Prepared for Print) PFD (Prepared for Dyeing) to meet the specific requirements of the clients.

Fabric bleaching is one of the stages in the manufacturing of textiles. All raw textile materials, when they are in natural form, are known as greige fabric or grey fabric. This greige fabric will have its natural color, odor and impurities that are not suitable to home textiles , hospital textiles or clothing. Not only the natural impurities will remain on the greige material but also many add-ons that were made during its cultivation, growth and manufacture in the form of pesticides, fungicides, worm killers, sizes, lubricants, etc. The removal of these natural coloring matters and add-ons during the previous state of manufacturing is known as scouring and bleaching. Scouring is the first process carried out with or without chemicals, at specific temperature with the addition of suitable wetting agents like alkali and so on. Scouring removes all types of  waxes, and makes the fabric hydrophilic or water absorbent. The next process of decolorization of grey fabric into a suitable material for next processing is known as bleaching. There are many precautions which one has to understand before start bleaching keeping in view the end use of the product and what type of bleaching and its standards we required like for home textiles we need different type of bleaching for hotels we need different type of bleaching and for hospitals we need different type of bleaching. That means bleaching standards ultimately variate from product to product. There are two major types of bleaching. Kier Bleaching and Continuous Bleaching on Plant. In Kier bleaching there is the possibility of shade variation from lot to lot. That bleaching is only effective in short runs. In Continuous Bleaching on plant we can control shade variation and very effective for big quantities.

During bleaching process we mainly focus to control Shade variation, Continuity, Whiteness CIE rating, Washing, Change of shade after repeated washings. JJ Fabrics offers a comprehensive range of white fabrics for the home textiles , medical textiles , hotel industry, Sportswear and outdoor markets.  Some of our running Qualities in White Fabrics are ;


White Fabric 60×60 16×16

White Fabric 60×60 20×16

White Fabric 60×60 20×20

White Fabric 60×60 22×22

White Fabric 60×60 24×24

White Fabric 60×50 24×24

White Fabric 68×68 30×30


White Fabric 76×56 35×35

White Fabric 76×44 35×150D

White Fabric 76×52 35×150D

White Fabric 76×54 35×150D

White Fabric 68×42 30×150D

White Fabric 76×52 30×150D

White Fabric 76×56 30×30


White Fabric 76×68 30×30

White Fabric 100×80 40×40

White Fabric 120×80 40×40

White Fabric 133×72 40×40

White Fabric 110×76 45×45

White Fabric 127×79 40×40

White Fabric 140×100 40×40 


White Fabric 40×42 20×10

White Fabric 40×36 24×10

White Fabric 96×48 16×12

White Fabric 108×58 16×12

White Fabric 108×58 20×20

White Fabric 94×60 20×20

White Fabric 128×60 20×16


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White Fabric Manufacturers
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White Fabric Manufacturers
White Fabric Manufacturers
White Fabric Manufacturers