Textile Manufacturing Company

textile manufacturing company

Textile Manufacturing Facilities

JJ Fabrics is a textile manufacturing company based in Pakistan. We are manufacturing a wide range of home textile & terry towel products for our customers worldwide. Our manufacturing and quality control starts right from the beginning by selecting best quality yarn in terms of exact yarn count, evenness, hairiness and tear strength. We build a documented quality control system of in line quality assurance backed by different checks and laboratory tests to maintain the standardization of the greige fabric. We professionally cannot allow even mean deviations from our required standards. Our most running weaves and patterns are Plain Weave, Twill & Drill, Duck Dobby, Poplin, Half Panama, Percale, Satin and Satin Stripes, Herringbone, Basket Weave, Flannel, Waffle Weave, Oxford Weave, Bedford cord Weave, Canvas, Rip Stop, Slub Yarn, Seer Sucker and Muslins. There are number of precautions which one has to understand before starting processing keeping in view the end use of the product and its standards. We are also dealing in special finishes on fabric like Pre-shrinkage Finish, Anti-Pilling Finish, Anti-infection Finish, Anti-bacterial Finish, Down Proof Finish, Water proof Finish, Fire or Flame Retardant Finish, Peach Finish, Soil Release Finish, Stain Resistant Finish and Wrinkle free Finish.  

textile manufacturing company


JJ Fabric's weaving unit is equipped with sulzer, auto and power looms. We have an ample quantity of machines to meet our customer’s buying demands. We can weave 100% cotton, poly cotton and different blends.

textile manufacturing company


We manage our processing requirements to utilize specialized services by using latest machines with highly skilled labour. We follow strict measures to ensure quality of our products and within the delivery time.

textile manufacturing company

Dyeing & Printing

We have been engaged with modern units for all our requirements of pigment and reactive printing, continuous bleach, kare bleach, IR, continuous dyeing, jigger dyeing, reactive, thermosol, dyeing and vat dyeing.

textile manufacturing company


At JJ Fabrics, we stitch fabric as well as garments. Our in-house stitching facility is equipped with latest and modern machines. With our highly skilled labour, we are able to meet all our stitching requirements.

JJ Fabrics has a portfolio of 500 looms including Power, Auto and Sulzer looms fitted with auxiliary equipments to produce from 1/1 plain to dobbies and jacquards. The Quality Assurance department approves only the Finest Fibers in every warp and weft and then supervises the accuracy and mending of loom state fabric, so that only the A Grade fabric is processed.

Stitching units are equipped with more than 100 latest machines with automatic tools and accessories to produce diversified range of Made-Ups. The QA Department for stitching unit covers the entire stitching process. It has very tough criteria for the approval of fabric and stitching accessories. Quality Assurance functions are performed by means of in-line checking as well as post sewing checking. QA Department concentrates on maintaining elegance and top quality standards. To learn more about our textile manufacturing company visit About section